Why should you buy Strider Balance Bikes for Your Toddler?

For parents who are choosing a new bike to teach their kids to ride, toddler balance bikes are a great option, as opposed to traditional training bikes. There are several different models, sizes (for kids of different heights), and training mechanisms which the toddler balance bikes are going to offer, which traditional training bikes do not offer. Due to the fact that the bikes do not need training wheels, your child is going to learn how to balance on their own, and when the time comes to buy a traditional bike, they are going to be far more skilled at riding.

Learning on a balance bike normally makes the transition to a regular bicycle easier. Training wheels do not teach a child how to correctly balance herself, so it can be difficult for a child to learn to balance on a regular bicycle.

It wasn't until my daughter had turned 9, 36 months when we began this bike riding journey that she first learned to ride. The secret was emphasizing balance first. In my research concerning how to teach a youngster to ride a bicycle, I came across balance bikes. These pedal-less training bikes that happen to be popular in Europe teach kids how you can balance first.

Hence using these balance bikes or toddler push bikes, the child learns the skill of balancing the bike on their own naturally and effortlessly. If your child is very young and is aged from 1 to 3 years it is best to buy them a strider push bike which is the smallest of the toddler push bikes or balancing bikes. It is good to make them learn balancing at an earlier age which not only makes them learn fast but also makes them lose their fears when introduced to a larger two wheel bike.

Initially the child will hold the handles of the bike and put their feet on either sides of the bike and walk without sitting on the seat of the bike. This way the child is perfectly balancing the bike with their hands on the handle learning how to steer the bike and their feet firm and flat on the floor.